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Demonstration Test Catchment (DTC) Project

Hampshire Avon Demonstration Test Catchment (DTC) Project
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Defra policy visit


The Avon DTC hosted a policy meeting to showcase the Demonstration Test Catchments (DTC) to Defra, Environment Agency, Natural England and Welsh Assembly Government staff.

The day started with a presentation from Dan McGonigle outlining the DTC project followed by Adrian Collins introducing the Hampshire Avon DTC, followed by a trip out into the target sub-catchments being monitored in the Hampshire Avon.

The first target sub-catchment visited was in Kingston Deverill, Wiltshire, with a visit to a mixed arable farm.  The farmer gave a talk on ways in which he maximises profitability on the farm whilst maintaining ecological sensitivity.  Followed by a visit to one of the DTC high spec monitoring kiosks for an equipment demonstration.

The second visit was to a dairy farm in the Priors Farm target sub-catchment in Dorset.  Here the farmer again outlined ways in which he maximises profitability on a dairy farm whilst minimising ecological impact.

The third and final visit of the day was to a neighbouring lowland grazing farm in the Priors Farm sub-catchment, where the DTC biological monitoring programme was demonstrated with some kick sampling.

Please click here to read the full agenda from the day.

Opening presentations about the
DTC project hosted at a local farm

Talk by a mixed arable farmer on how he maximises yield whilst
minimising environmental impact

 Monitoring equipment in one of the high spec kiosks

Farm walk on a dairy farm looking at some mitigation measures
that will be implemented at part of the DTC project

Demonstration of the biological
monitoring strategy