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Local Stakeholder Meeting



A local stakeholder group meeting was held at the Game and Wildlife Conservancy Trust headquarters in Fordingbridge on Thursday April 21st 2011

The main meeting items were:
- Update on surface water monitoring in Hants Avon
- Update on soil drainage monitoring in the Hants Avon
- Update on site selection and permissions for the Tamar
- Update on DTC measures component
- Update on DTC data archiving component
- Update on recruitment for Avon DTC consortium discussion of extra funding opportunities

Please click here for the minutes of the meeting
Please click below for the presentations given during the meeting:
Surface water and soil drainage monitoring
Tamar site selection, Mitigation measures, Recruitment

The afternoon comprised of a session on our thoughts about KE.  The stakeholder group split into three breakout groups and considered the following points:

1.  What have I learnt through my work/interest in addressing diffuse pollution within the Avon DTC catchment, that might be useful to others?

2. What help is still needed from other practitioners and stakeholders to move forward?

A report detailing the outputs of these discussions can be found here.