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Hampshire Avon Demonstration Test Catchment (DTC) Project
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Dr Dylan Bright


Dylan heads up all things scientific at the Trust. A diligent and thorough scientist, he possesses specific expertise in data analysis and statistical methods, particularly in the field of mathematical population modelling linked to GIS.
With extensive fieldwork and data collection experience, Dylan has the applied skills to complement his expert knowledge of freshwater, estuarine and marine ecology. In addition to his excellent taxonomic skills, he is experienced in most forms of sampling from the aquatic environment and in many forms of laboratory testing for water quality.

Dylan is a skilled scientific writer capable of communicating complex issues to a broad audience. He has published a number of academic papers in high impact peer-reviewed journals, the most recent of which was awarded the New Phytologist Forum position for excellence in the field. In addition, he is the author of twelve chapters of the Encyclopaedia of Aquatic Life of the World and has delivered several grey literature-R & D reports for the Environment Agency and WWF.

Dylan is currently supervising two PhD students at Exeter University both studying population genetics for conservation. He is also the author of several articles for magazines and newspapers on a variety of subjects.