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Dr Jim Freer

Jim is an internationally recognised expert in catchment scale hydrological model development and the quantification and reduction of prediction uncertainties in hydrology and water quality. Substantial funded research includes applications in hydrology, water quality, sediment transport, diffuse pollution and assessing the effect of climate change on flood frequency and inundation extent (grants totalling £12M from NERC, EA, Defra, NSF and other national and European funding sources). Jim has also led research and published papers on detailed field experiments across multiple spatial scales. He therefore provides a unique perspective and range of expertise to integrate field experimentation with appropriate model design and evaluation techniques to iteratively learn and improve model predictions for a range of catchment scale processes. His research is leading international research efforts that consider such a synergistic approach to improving models of environmental processes and how we diagnose effectively the capabilities and limitations of our models to benchmark our current understanding that link to our monitoring approaches.

He is a troika leader of the International Association of Hydrological Scientists (IAHS) 10 year Prediction in Ungauged Basins (PUB) initiative of the theme Uncertainty analysis and model diagnostics. He is on the management group of the BRISK Bristol environmental Risk centre (which recently won the NERC Natural Hazards scoping study call for the Analysis, Propagation and Communication of Probability, Uncertainty and Risk) and also a member of the ISSC for a 10 year international large scale modelling and field experiment project for the Mediterranean (called HyMex). Jim has organised a number of international workshops (4); convened special sessions (17) and presented 22 invited talks (5 keynotes) since 2001. He has over 57 refereed paper publications (44 in international journals – the citation total for these papers is over 1,480). He is also an editor of the EGU journal Hydrology and Earth System Science (HESS).