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Dr Steve Robinson

Dr Steve Robinson is a Senior Lecturer in Soil and Water Biogeochemistry and has 20 years experience researching plant nutrient biogeochemistry in soil and freshwater systems both at laboratory and field scales.

He has acted as PI or Co-PI on several major research programmes, supported by a range of UK and international funding bodies, including the NERC, Defra and the EU Framework programmes. He has also supervised more than 20 PhD students (including 7 RC-UK) investigating nutrient and pollutant biogeochemistry.

A number of awards have been jointly funded with a range of research institutes, demonstrating his expertise in building collaborative partnerships with external organisations. A common characteristic of all of his research areas is that they are multidisciplinary and address the critical issue of the sustainability of the human-environment system. Specifically, they are concerned with basic and strategic research that underpins a more sustainable rural land use.

His international reputation is in phosphorus biogeochemistry at the soil-water interface, with a research focus on processes controlling phosphorus mobilisation and transfer from re-wetted soils and sediments (EVK1-CT1999-00036, NER/S/A/2003/11351). Key research findings have demonstrated the importance of the relationship between hydrology and soil solution chemistry in explaining the loss of phosphorus from re-wetted agricultural soils.

Dr Robinson’s work has contributed directly to UK competitiveness in biogeochemistry research, and quality of life by highlighting the role of diffuse nutrient export from agriculture to the wider environment, providing the essential science underpinning for rural management policies and partnerships, most recently in response to the UK Biodiversity Action Plan and EU Water Framework Directive.